Antonio Nadal owns and manages its own plantation of aromatic herbs. They are cultivated according to ecological criteria, respecting the plants and their environment. After each harvest the herbs are dried using solar energy with an innovative system. All this process provides a distinguish quality to our products.

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Of distillation

01 Maceration

Continuous and regular hydroalcoholic maceration system with exhaustive quality control, which provides maximum organoleptic stability.

02 Destillation

To obtain the best distillations we use 1.200 litre copper still pot. We also use other process and distillation methods developed by our R&D Department. Our aim is to obtain the highest percentage of purity of each ingredient used in our products.

03 Production and mixing room

In our mixing room we can produce up to 80,000 litres of product per day. We have 10 mixers with different volumes which allows us to produce small artisanal quantities or large industrial volumes.

04 Bottling lines

We have 5 bottling lines able to produce 30 different formats and volumes which allows us to adapt to the needs of each of our clients. Every year we produce more than 6,5 million bottles.



LAB - Quality control

Our LAB-Quality Control department is equipped with all the machinery, tools, equipment to be able to carry out the different tasks: monitoring raw materials, supervising internal production and bottling processes and guaranteeing compliance with all the quality parameters established in our ISO 9001:2015 standard. Another key role of this department is the improvement of our products through research and development of new raw materials.


Available to our customers is where we can host training sessions for cocktail making and mixology in general. We have a fully equipped professional bar including a rack, blender mixer, ice machine, etc. Our main bartender, Salvador Esquinas, uses the room to educate different techniques and possibilities to include our brands into different cocktails.

Reception hall

Available to host any kind of event is the perfect welcoming room where is easy to see the factory at once.


Our human resources are key to deliver the best service to our national and international customers. We rely on a dedicated team of the best professionals.