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Discover our new range of slushies with tropical and refreshing flavors. Perfect for enjoying on hot days or as a complement to your favorite cocktails.

Experience the taste of paradise with Bora Bora!

Discover our slushies

Simple preparations that will transport you to a world of refreshing flavors.
Download the document with instructions and measurements. Serve them in your business or share them at a party.


Bora Bora liqueurs are born from the idea of ​​bringing the best aromas and fruit liqueurs to the bars and to your home. Antonio Nadal Destil·leries, has state-of-the-art technology, a clear example is the large volume “soxhlet” extractor of their own creation, which allows to extract aromas at low temperature and pressure, in a way that the aromas are extracted without oxidizing, scorching or generating impurities in the process, after a maceration in grainalcohol. Finally, natural cane sugar is added to achieve the perfect balance and a homogeneous integration of the alcohol. Enjoy the extensive range of Bora Bora liqueurs, both in cocktails or just with ice.


In the search for high quality products, to accompany the best distillates and to allow us to make alcohol-free cocktails, Bora Bora Syrup Range is born, using top quality plants, fruits and aromas. Backed by the knowledge in the world of spirits, Antonio Nadal Destil·leries ventures to create premium syrups, with natural flavours and aromas. Originally, it was designed to make cocktails without adding artificial flavours, but given the high quality of the final product, it can be used also to make home-made soft drinks or non-alcoholic cocktails.

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