Absinthe 80 Yellow

Spirit with high alcohol content

80 Yellow Absinthe is a striking yellow color and is bursting with citrus notes. It has a strong Mediterranean influence and is very fresh. It fuses wormwood extract, the main ingredient of this liqueur, with flavors of lime, lemon, orange and grapefruit on the nose and palate. Aromatic notes softened with the subtlety and sweetness of anise.

80 Yellow Absinthe follows the traditional production methods of the Mallorcan island, such as using a distillate that is heated over a wood fire. This new liqueur joins the 80 Absinthe range, characterized by its distinctive crispness. Since 1898, the Antonio Nadal distillery has been producing all kinds of liqueurs with a strong presence in the Balearic Islands.

High alcohol content spirit with a strong aniseed flavor, wormwood extracts and citrus notes.

MORE FORMATS OF Absinthe 80 Yellow

Flask 20cl

Miniature 4cl

Flask 35cl

Bottle 1 Litre