Ca de Bou Dry Anisette

Extra dry anisette with outstanding aroma and unctuousness. The result of a delicate distillation process, using top quality raw materials.

Ca de bou is a 100% distilled extra dry anisette, a traditional and very popular drink in Mallorca.

The Antonio Nadal distillery has a magnificent 1000L copper still within its facilities, which enables the production of 100% distilled beverages of the highest quality. This, together with the expertise of master distiller Josep Maria Natta in the world of anisette distillation, and his fixation on using only the highest quality raw ingredients, in this case anise seeds and star anise, all combine to produce a clean, bright and transparent product.

<strong>TASTING NOTE: </strong>It has a fine and very unctuous mouth-feel, produced by the large amount of residual oil. Despite its high alcohol content of 50%, it presents a fine and elegant palate, warming the stomach without being too aggressive. Intense notes of aniseed, which give way to an elegant fruity aroma on a spicy undertone and a smooth finish.

<strong>METHOD OF CONSUMPTION: </strong>Traditionally it is consumed as a digestif, served alone or mixed with coffee (carajillo).

Cocktails can be prepared, for example, in a balloon glass or wide glass with lots of ice and flavored with lemon peel, with 20ml of Ca de Bou anisette, 20ml of Ferone premium limoncello and a bitter lemonade soda.

A frozen version could also be prepared, using a blender and crushed ice where you could add a couple of basil leaves to enhance the aroma and complexity of the cocktail. Due to its aromatic and glycerin qualities, it is suitable for use in cooking or confectionery, seafood fumet, rice, game stews, doughnuts, cakes, and ice cream. These are clear examples of the versatility of the product.

MORE FORMATS OF Ca de Bou Dry Anisette

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