Caiman Love Cassis Liqueur

Delicious 18% blackcurrant liqueur

Caiman Love Blackcurrant cassis is a smooth and aromatic liqueur made from the natural extract of blackcurrants grown in the temperate regions of Central Europe.

With a sweet taste, a touch of sourness and traces of bitterness, it is a very subtle and versatile liqueur to be used in cocktails, as well as enjoyed neat and chilled as a shot or after-dinner liqueur.

It is made from premium grain alcohol distilled in copper stills in Mallorca, natural color extracts, natural fruit flavor and aroma and cane sugar, which make it a fun, smooth and delicious liqueur.

MORE FORMATS OF Caiman Love Cassis Liqueur

Bottle 3 Litres

Flask 20cl

Miniature 4cl