El Tren Peach Schnapps

Delicious 12% peach liqueur

A highly versatile drink, made from the natural pulp of ripe peaches from which all the flavor and aroma are extracted to obtain a spectacular peach liqueur, sweet and warm on the palate, which can be used for classic cocktails such as Sex on the beach or to be drunk neat and chilled.

MORE FORMATS OF El Tren Peach Schnapps

Bottle 3 Litres

SKU: 040036

Flask 35cl

SKU: 032131

Flask 20cl

SKU: 041048

Bottle 1 Litre

SKU: 041086

Bottle 1 Litre

SKU: 041104

Miniature 4cl

SKU: 041069

Bottle 70cl

SKU: 041022


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