Muntaner Sweet Hierbas

Traditional sweet herbal liqueur with protected designation of origin from Mallorca

Muntaner Hierbas is the legacy of the Mallorcan liqueur tradition, a spirit made from grain alcohol macerated with star anise, followed by the maceration of seven traditional aromatic plants of the Balearic and Mediterranean landscape, and liquid cane sugar.

The aromatic herbs are harvested by hand at the end of May and beginning of June and are home-grown on the Celler Tianna Negre vineyards.

A 25% digestif liqueur, ideal for after-dinner drinks, to be drunk neat, chilled or on the rocks.

With an aniseed and herbal aroma, spectacular amber color, and handcrafted, without artificial coloring or preservatives, Muntaner Hierbas is an essential liqueur in any family lunch or dinner.

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