Social Responsibility and


The TUNEL GROUP, to which Antonio Nadal Destil·leries belongs, believes that the way to maintain its commitment to the environment and society is to integrate its sustainability policy into its business model, in all departments and at all levels, as well as to collaborate with social and educational organizations through partnerships and internships. As such, the Group has focused its Social Responsibility towards very clear objectives:

  • Ensure that Environmental Management is applied in an integrated manner with Quality, Food Safety and Occupational Health and Safety.

  • Ensure cooperation with social work organizations is regularly carried out every year.

  • Ensure that collaboration with educational institutions is carried out in an integrated manner in all departments of the company.

Sustainability and respect for the environment are fundamental objectives for our Group, and are at the heart of all our business operations.



Clean Water

a) In all our production processes, we have reduced water consumption per liter of alcohol by 10%.
b) We collect and store rainwater for use in toilets, sanitary facilities and for cleaning.
c) We have 5 cisterns for drip irrigation (98% of the cultivated area).


a) We have implemented a waste management system in all our facilities.
b) All our crops are registered in the ecological system.

Clean Energy

a) 50% of our electricity consumption comes from renewable energies.
b) Photovoltaic panels generate 150kW on the industrial premises of Antonio Nadal Destil·leries.
c) We have 2 solar collector farms for domestic hot water.
d) We have replaced diesel oil with natural gas in all our industrial facilities.


a) All lighting in our facilities utilizes LED technology.
b) Our refrigeration and air conditioning equipment is highly efficient.
c) Our industrial compressors are equipped with systems that recover the heat energy generated (cogeneration).
d) Heat/cold enthalpy recovery system in our ventilation systems.
e) We only work with local suppliers (Km0).


SINCE 2003

We have been ISO 9001 certified since 2003, a certification that we have maintained over the years and that supports our quality management system.

report of

Carbon footprint

Report on greenhouse gases controlled by Antonio Nadal Destil-leries.